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Cytology specimens are handled by our team who include cytology specimen processors, cytotechnologists, and pathologists.

Many of our pathologists have additional expertise in cytopathology, including board certification. Continuous high standards which meet or exceed guidelines, are maintained throughout the department. 


Gynecologic cytopathology involves evaluation of gynecologic Papanicolaou smears and HPV testing. Our gynecologic cytopathology team consists of cytotechnologists, pathologists and the cytology specimen processing team. The cytotechnologists all have extensive expertise in gynecologic cytology. At PSIP, we use ThinPrep liquid based cytology with initial evaluation performed by the cytotechnologists using a semi-automated screening with the Thin Prep Imaging system. Further evaluation is performed by the cytotechnologists and pathologists. HPV testing with the Hologic Panther/APTIMA platform may be performed on ThinPrep gynecologic specimens. In addition, subtyping of HPV16/18/45 is also available.  


Cytologic examination of non-gynecologic specimens allows for accurate pathology diagnoses to be made with relatively small numbers of individual cells. Cytologic examination can be performed on almost any body fluid such as pleural (thoracentesis), ascites (paracentesis), urine, cerebral spinal fluid, and sputum. Non-gynecologic specimens also include fine needle aspirations which may be obtained from almost any site. Cytology often allows for diagnoses to be made without the need for more invasive intervention. If enough material is present, a cell block will be made and additional studies can be performed as necessary. 

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