Puget Sound Institute of Pathology

PSIP Is Now Proudly CellNetix

Our experienced Histology staff is committed to outstanding technical quality and rapid turnaround time providing our pathologists with the diagnostic materials necessary to serve our patients effectively and efficiently.

After tissue is surgically removed it is immediately placed in a chemical fixative which preserves the tissue from degradation, and maintains cellular structure.

The specimen is then sent to our Histology lab for tissue processing. The specimen is first dehydrated and embedded in paraffin wax. This hardened medium allows biological materials to be cut into very thin sections.

Once the specimen is cut and placed onto slides, it is then stained with a Hematoxylin and Eosin (H&E) stain. These slides are now ready to be read by a pathologist.

Our Histology lab also routinely uses a variety of special stains and immunoperoxidase stains to further differentiate and diagnose diseases.

Following strict safety standards and being environmentally conscious are important to our organization. Our contribution to a sustainable environment is evident through our active recycling program.

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