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We offer a unique clinical pathology consultation service, staffed by board certified clinical pathologists with specialty training in transfusion medicine, hematology, coagulation, and laboratory testing.


These specialists are available around the clock for clinical consultation in order to assist providers with selecting appropriate laboratory tests, interpreting results, and transfusion decision-making and support.


Blood transfusion is a vital therapeutic modality that can be life-saving, but also involves a number of risks, such as viral transmission, febrile and allergic reactions, potential alteration of the recipient immune system, and iron overload. Because of these inherent risks, every decision to transfuse blood should be made with the utmost caution and careful consideration of risks versus benefits for each patient. Many patients also have unique transfusion requirements, such as sickle cell patients, patients with antibodies, and patients with rare blood types. These patients present unique challenges to providers, and our transfusion medicine specialists are always available to assist with these complex decisions and treatment plans and to provide support and education for providers and patients.


The clinical laboratory encompasses many specialty areas, including chemistry, immunology, hematology, coagulation, urinalysis, microbiology, flow cytometry, molecular diagnostics, cytogenetics, and transfusion medicine. Many clinical decisions are guided by laboratory testing, making it a crucial aspect of patient care. Because of its importance to patient care, laboratory testing is highly regulated to ensure the highest quality. The complexity of laboratory testing and interpretation is under-recognized, making clinical pathology consultation very important for patient care.

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